Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Lots of things

My wonderful SP10 in fact spoiled me. May's surprise included this beautiful hand knit bracelet, it is loaded with tiny seed beads. It's beautiful I love it!!! Everyone always compliments it and want to know where I got it. Sorry everyone my Secret Pal made it for me.
Then under the bracelet were these darling little faerie stitch holders. They are darling, I love them Thank you so much for spoiling me "Lucy". Memorial Day weekend, we were on our way to Scarborough Faire, we were driving down the road to the fair and saw this lump in the middle of the road. As we drove past it again, we noticed it was a turtle. So, we turned around and yes right there in the middle of a two lane road, was this lump, he looked whole, looked not to be damaged, just looked like he was taking a break. We could tried to figure out how to move him... Well we found out quickly that he was a snapping turtle. And not a happy turtle. Every time we tried to move him he either lunged or turned and snapped. I've never seen a turtle move that fast. The DH managed to slide him across the one lane and we got him up and over the curb. We thought he would be safe but... he started to follow us back across the road. I tried to push him towards the creek, but I only had an umbrella and was afraid of puncturing Mr. Grumpy Snappy T . Searching in the grass, we spy with our little eyes a piece of wood laminate flooring..... We have a plan.... If we can flip him over or get him to chomp down on the plank we can pull him closer to the creek. It worked slightly, he would not cooperate. I tried to distract him in the front, and DH tried to push him from behind. Every time Mr Grumpy Snappy T saw DH behind him he wanted DH and not me. Oh I didn't mention, DH was dressed in his kilt, kilt hose, boots, and ren shirt, me I was dressed as the fierce pirate captain Stormy O'Malley. Yup, pirate boots, velvet tights, a long vest, and a short chemise. So imagine what this looked like as you drove past us. The wood laminate flooring broke and we had managed to get Mr Grumpy into the tall grass. He should be safe there. We did not see any damage to him or his shell, his feet had some minor abrasions probably from walking across the asphalt. We were both pumped because we saved the life of this 20 pound snapper. Grandmother White Mouse would be proud of us.

Drum roll please!!! Ta DA!!! the new closet floor!!! Isn't it beautiful??? I cant wait to share the photos of the bedroom progress.

I believe either tomorrow or Friday I will have time to post photos from my SP10 present #3. My Lucy sent my present and I am totally floored. She picked the most perfect things. I know at least one of my sisters in wool on Tuesday will love the bag . I adore it!!! And the stitch markers.... MINE MINE MINE!!@!!@... and the yarn...l. mmmmmmm yummie.... I am the luckiest person to get such a wonderful SP10.... and now I finally get to read her blog!!! I don't know what's been driving me nuts not knowing who she is or not being able to get to know her better through her blog. Thank you Lucy, this has been very special to me.