Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A hole in the sky

This was how it this bush looked before The Gator got a hold of it. It has to go its within the 3 ft easement that is needed for the fence. So give a man a gator and the next picture is what you get.

A hole in the sky! There is sunlight on the fish pond now, I'll be able to put another water lily, in next spring. I had to find one that grew in the shade, it was difficult but I found it. I am hoping to see tadpoles soon in the pond. We have toads. Gulf Coast Toads as a matter of fact. Ever hear one croaking or better known as "advertising"?

And here is the hole in the sky. It's amazing how different it looks in the back without the bushes. Once the new fence is in place, we can start visualizing what I am going to plant against the wall. We won't plant until mid to late fall.

This is what one bush looks like after it has been cut down. The last time I saw something like that was after Hurricane Hugo.

I should have some knitting content soon.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Dissasemble #5

Sorry everyone no knitting content this time, we've been busy.

Our neighborhood has formed a PID. Now for those that do not know what a PID is it is a tax entity which can finance, construct and maintain public improvements. What does that mean exactly to us. It means that the butt ugly seven foot tall wooden fence that faces the street will be replaced with an 8 foot tall 4 inch thick concrete fence. In preparation of this event we need to ensure that the fencing company will have a 3 foot clearance to work with once they start putting the fences in, for us that's not a big problem just remove some bushes that I've want to get rid of for a while. Others in the neighborhood have to move sheds, I believe one couple has to move a hot tub and a gazebo. The bushes are photinias they were planted I am assuming by the previous owners. When we moved in they are seven to eight feet tall. They are not about 15 feet or more taller. I have always had a love hate relationship with them. I loved the shade they provided but that's about it. In spring they dropped leaves and then they would have pretty little white flowers but the scent is of cat piss. In the summer they provided great shade, in the fall they would drop leaves again. I have tried for may years to grow plants in the shade under them but the only things that have grown are Gerber Daisey's, a couple of ferns. Oh yes and the English Ivy has finally started to establish itself.

In preparation for the disassembling of the bushes we purchased this sweet little chainsaw called the Black and Decker Gator. "A lonely gator meets an alluring chainsaw. They fall in love, marry and bingo! They make short work of all those pesky tree branches hanging around. The Black & Decker Alligator Lopper is the happy ending to this story. It’s a foolproof, can’t-hurt-yourself, tree-limb devouring tool with a 4.5-amp motor, a heavy-duty cutting bar and innovative clamping jaws (aw, just like his dad) that grab and cut in one easy motion.
I love this thing, first it's electric, second it's super safe, you have to hold both handles down for it to work. If you don't it turns off. It's lighter than a regular chainsaw which means I can use it too.
Here is a photo of Number 1 before it met Mr Gator.
This is the photo of number 1 after it met Mr Gator.

Now all that's left to do is grind the evidence. 1 down 4 more to go before the end of August. We are finding out since we will remove the bushes for the fence company if they could remove the stumps, I believe that they will, just want to make sure.
I know this will give my back yard more sunlight than it has now. I am doing allot of research as to how to landscape the fence once it's put in. Looking at native bushes, grasses perhaps some metal medilians, maybe have a bird bath.