Friday, March 30, 2007

Gee has it really been a week?

I know it's been a week since I posted . Bad me. Heidi's sweater is done, I am putting it in the mail later today so it will be going out to you soon Heidi. The pattern is not one of my favorites, but it wasn't a difficult pattern. I had to weave in the loose ends and it's done. Now to work on mom's vest. She's asked me if she will get to have the vest before she dies. I asked her if she's planning on dieing anytime in the near future and she said no, so mom you should have it soon. I've already knitted it up to where the arm hole starts. I also used up the two skies of yarn I had left over when I was knitting the vest as a readers wrap.
I belong to a group called Rachels Knitting Room. Rachel's extremely talented and it is a pleasure knitting her patterns. This one below is called Lacy Butterfly Dishcloth. Which I am sure it would make a lovely dishcloth, but when I saw this pattern I saw this as a baby's blanket. So I decided to knit it up and put in my squares to sew and be blankets for charity pile. I think the color should have been darker so that you could see the pattern better but it will do.

This is dishcloth is called Knitted Music Notes and it is by Rhonda K White Right now this is part one of a four part project that a friends wife has requested. He plays in a band and did not have a band towel. So this one is perfect. I am working on part two now. Will post it when I finish it.

This is another mitered cloth that was done out of left over cotton. I am pleased with the result.

This is another mitered dish cloth made out of sockatta

Last Sunday we had the opportunity to go to Fossil Rim. It's a wild life park that you drive through. They let most of the animals out to roam freely. Well except the carnivores they stay locked behind bars... (hummm didn't Jurassic Park say something like that too??) These are the European Red Deer, I thought they were elk.

I thought that these were reindeer but they are called fallow deer, and yes they actually did get that close to the car.

Thought I was kidding? Nope this is one of the Aoudad goats. They would sand one on each side of the road, waiting like sentries, you could almost hear them saying "Papers please get your papers." No they actually were collecting a toll. They were waiting for some feed. We were given a bag of feed to feed to the animals as we entered. One of the European Red deer stuck it's entire head into the car through the window. MY WINDOW!!!

It was pretty funny we were waiting to get through and there were several cars up ahead of us, and a few ostrich's. I think the dad in that car was purposely making the ostrich put their head in his car because we heard little screaming voices and we were 3 cars behind them. This happened more than once.
We had a good day I've been a little busy with things and will post what's going on as soon as I can. Right now I don't want to say much about it.

Friday, March 23, 2007

What were they thinking???

Do you ever sit back after seeing a commercial and go what on earth are they thinking? I saw one today for Always sanitary pads, that really set me off. It was pretty, floral, lacy etc, just the thing that I never felt when I had a visit from Aunt Flo. At the very end the announcer says, "And have a happy period." ERRRRRRRRR Brakes!!!! put the knitting down and stand back because she is about to talk with her hands. No I'm not Italian but grew up in a neighborhood that was primarily Greek and Italian. What did they just say? I don't think I ever recall have a happy period. Did I ever wish anyone a happy period, no, but maybe from now on, gee... is there a Hallmark card for that? If not just imagine the monthly revenue that they could get! Thank goodness, I've been fixed and don't have to worry about ever having a Happy Period ever again.

Wishing you and yours ..... A Happy Period!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Secret Pal 10 Robyn's group contest #2

Yes I finally have a secret pal, I finally exist. I have left her a message already. I have read over her Secret Pal questions and found one item that is very very interesting and coincidental. Now I am just waiting for mine to contact me. In the mean time, we were asked to comment about our favorite knitting accessory... Let me think, gauge ruler, stitch markers or knitting bags? Let me think about this in another way, if I were on alone on an island what one accessory would I need .... it has to be stitch markers anyone that knows me knows I have stitch markers. I don't have any of the fancy schmancy kinds, you know the ones with the pretty glass beads, just regular old plastic clover. Not that I wouldn't love a pair of those pretty ones, but, truthfully, thats a luxury I cannot afford at this time. I put them on and keep them on until I am binding off, I am very very anal about keeping count. I softly laugh because sometimes I leave a trail of stitch markers behind, sometimes, in my pockets, laundry, car, doctor's office, restaurants, the local pub, yes I knit when I go to the pub to listen to "Free Whiski", the car... you get the idea. Gotta have my stitch markers

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Thank you

First and most important I want to thank all of you that posted to my blog. You words touched my heart deeply. Knitting is more than just fiber and sticks, it's people. People from one end of the world to the other. I have a feeling that much will be accomplished in this world by just the simple act. Knitting. Look how it knits us together. I believe it is the Yarn Harlot, "If you know how to knit and purl you can rule the world." Rule the world? well maybe not in this life time but we can make significant changes.

I know I have posted in several days but things like yard work, gardening, laundry, housecleaning, running errands, and having a stomach virus for about 24 hours all get in the way of knitting and blogging. You know if I don't want to knit or blog, I've gotta be sick. I am feeling much better now, sides still hurt from the internal sit ups my stomach was doing.

The DH updated me on his idea of the pond area and it's going to involve more mulch. I'll just let his creative genius take over he built the entire area for it, installed it maintains part of it, my job is to take care of the fish, and the flowers in and around the pond. My job is also the rose garden and the raised bed. We kinda share the rest. But anything to do with flowers or plants that's me. Unless the DH has input. No photos of the yard yet, not until more work is done. I can say that one of my roses already has a rose bud on it. Yes I am watching over it like a mother hen. Usually after the first bud appears so do the aphids. And I have found out who has been eating our parrot grass in the pond. Those blasted grackles aka around our house the raptors. I swear that's what they used as a model for the raptors. This big old male was in the upper pond drinking water splashing about, and then as he took off to fly away in his talons was a beautiful piece of parrot grass. I'm going to have to sit outside kitting with a hose near by to chase them away. Yes we have tried the plastic owls, the dog barks at them and the grackles, shit on them. I think we need to get some netting.

I have had time for some knitting. The update on Heidi's sweater, I am to the point of decreasing. Yeah for me! And to answer your question Heidi, no I have not made the thong yet, but it will be soon. I have to finish your sweater, make Babcia her vest, and Rene her shrug, I'll squeeze the whole thong project in there somewhere. I have to have it done by a certain date, but I can't say because someone might read the blog.
Here are a few things I have been working on.
The 4th day of Yule. Four calling birds at least one thing is on schedule.
This is another square I knitted to be put in the box to be joined for an afghan for charity. The pattern is pretty simple.The reason why this is in two colors, I am getting rid of scrap yarn that I have a tub full, I finished the green but not the square so good old white to the rescue. I found the pattern for this on look under patterns for charity. This square is called 3-squared#2 multi-sized square
Since allot of you are asking about the square that I knit for Larissa's book, I am very sorry but I cannot give out the pattern for that particular square. However, Knit Picks has a similar pattern, it's free and it's called the Geo Modern Throw Personally though just my opinion, I prefer the one from Larissa, to me it's easier to knit. (And no I am not sucking up to Larissa, well ok maybe just a little.) As a matter of fact did you know there are hundreds of knitted square patterns on the internet for free? Yes really all you have to do it so Google free knitted square pattern. That's how I found the 3 squared and this one. This one was done with Sockotta Sock yarn Colorway Brite Multi, Size 2 circular needles

This one is from my Monthly Dishcloth group. Done with Peaches and Cream in Desert Sand, Size 7 needles to find the pattern go to It was suggested to make this one in a yarn that was compatible with the previous dishcloth which I haven't done yet, well I did but I frogged it because is started out looking like a rabid squirrel. Some day I'll make it or not.

This last one, I like the pattern, but the yarn, umm welll looks like the Easter bunny ate too many jelly beans and threw up. Oh come one now, there has to be at least one mom, aunt, grandmother, child care giver that has seen the pink cool aid vomit at least once. You know what I am talking about. I originally chose this from the scrap yarn because it looked springie and Eastery. Anyway back to the square this is from another yahoo group I belong to called From the heart of Texas, the designer on this is Kayleen Clements and it's called Rapid River. The yarn is Bernat Satin Colorway Bermuda

I do have an up date on the Secret Pal 10, I finally exist, I have been taken under Robyn's wing. Gee can it be fate or coincidence that my favorite spring bird is the robin. Discuss amongst yourselves. Hello Robyn! She emailed me last night that I would have a partner soon. I have been so envious of all the the others already having a partner... and I don't have one... I had partner envy. That's ok soon I will have one.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

It's Official

Remember a while back I was in something called the square along? And remember when I announced I had made it to the first round draft or rather my square did? Well .... I found out that YES!!!!(ooops sorry) yes, my square is going to be in the blanket that is going in Larisssia's book. I am soooo floored. Me? me? who has only been knitting for 15 months me. Who currently is unemployed, who tried and failed at carrying a child and giving birth to it, me who only went to college for a little while, who at times feels like a failure, yes ME! Don't ask me what the name of the book is yet, I don't know it, as soon as I know I will let you all know. It is to be out next spring. I will keep you updated.

The link below is the link to Larissia's flicker group for the blanket. See if you can find me, I am in the second row from the bottom, thrid one on the right.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Progress & Yarn Porn

I have been a little busy this week. I am trying to get a hold of a head hunter that called me Friday but it appears that we are playing phone tag. In the mean time I am still working on Heidi's sweater but also knitting some St Patrick's day wash/dishcloths. They were all easy patterns sometimes I just make little mistakes and choose to just live with them.

Lucky Shamrock pattern by Carol Callaway Lacy 4 Leaf Clover Dishcloth designed by Rachel van Schie
Knitted Shamrock Cloth by Rhonda K White

The front of Heidi's sweater What can I say I just love this yarn. It's so soft and pettable. It's like holding a soft kitten or bunny. I am working on the sleeves, yes once again knitting them both at the same time. To me it saves time, and doesn't give me the second sleeve syndrome very similar to second sock. It's a little confusing keeping the two balls separate but it's ok I would rather do both of them together than have second sleeve syndrome. I am almost half way to where I need to be before I have to start decreasing. Once that is done, all that I have to do is the collar and it's done.

Heidi, did send me the prettiest hand dyed with natural dyes yarn. It's from Catskill Merino Yarn in colorway Cochineal. From what I read is that they sell their yarn at the Farmer's Market in New York City. The color is created from the flower of the prickly pear cactus. I love natural dyes being used. Thank you Heidi

If you remember I recently knitted a pair of the Eowyn fingerless gauntlets in some beautiful pink malabrigio. Well she went on a trip and brought back two skeins of Claudia Hand Painted Yarns in colorway Knitting Sisters. I love these colors!
I am in a swap that is going to be for the next 12 months. It is called Yarn Junkies Unite Each month there will be a color of the month. This month it's PURPLE I chose malabrigo because it's my newest favorite yarn to knit with. The color way is Pearl Ten. Now in different lights it looks different, sometimes it's brown. sometimes is purple. I may change my mind and find another one that is more purple. Malabrigo Yarn Company in colorway Pearl Ten.
Now normally when I see my lovely Alpaca yarn, I don't ever see it chunky. This is definitely chunky. This is from another swap score!!! Misti Alpaca Chunky in colorway Lipstick Red
That's about it for now. I may have some exciting news in the next few days so stay tuned.

Want Knitting Stuff

If you ever are looking for that perfect gift for a knitter or something to do with knitting to put into your swap or secret pal package try here
they have over 2900 designs that can be put on 40,900 products, from tee shirts, totes, coffee mugs, buttons, magnets, note cards, thongs, etc. and if anyone wants to get me a tee shirt probably a 2XL would be good, it will be big but I like it big.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

First Robin

It's official I saw my first robin today. Spring is here officially even though it's not March 20 something. I still have three more weeks of winter nail polish.... Wait, that's another weird thing about me. I polish my finger nails once a week. I have the colors separated for spring/summer and fall/winter. So that I don't get confused as to what color I have used and what is next, I set them in alphabetical order. Yes I know it's weird. That and the whole banana thing. For me I can only eat a banana if it's still green. Even a tiny bit of green. Without the green in it, it just doesn't taste right. The mailman brought me goodies from Canada. This is from my International Sassy Sock Yarn Swap. There was this adorable tape measure, and perfect timing, since my tape measure has pissadeared into some black hole or alternate universe. It's shaped like a little chick, you press his beak so that the tape goes back in. Lovely little note cards that I believe say a note from "Mary" and lastly the absolutely gorgeous yarn it's in different shades of green! I am sure they will look awesome.

From the Heart of Texas March KAL it's a Shamrock square. Very quick very easy. Now with the Monthly dishcloth KAL, well I already had that one on my list to knit next month. I tired several times to knit it but, it just wasn't working for me. So I frogged it one more time and put it up and started a shamrock.

I finished another square for an afghan or blanket for charity.

Ohhhh and this, this is the back of Heidi's sweater, I made a few mistakes, the pattern got confusing so I went on line looked to see if there were any corrections to the pattern and as soon as I read them, I had it figured out. I have already started on the front and it should be easier since it's identical to the back. Back to the salt mines.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


NTIF is short for North Texas Irish Festival. It was held this weekend in Dallas. The weather cooperated with the festival this year. The winds didn't but you can't ask for everything at this festival. The festival had musicians, dancers, Irish and Scottish Beer and whisky, cds, dvds, books, trinkets vendor after vendor demo after demo, performer after performer.... but something was missing. I didn't really notice it was missing until I took up knitting. Besides all of the above there is one thing that Ireland and Scotland are know for... Anyone want to take a guess??? What about wool??? What about knitting??? Crocheting??? Weaving???? ETC???? not one ounce not one skein no where to be seen. If it wasn't for me pulling out my knitting at the Shannon Stage that would not have happened either. My knitting did catch the eyes of a few prepubescent ones which just made them point and giggle.... I am pretty sure their Grannies knit them a jumper or two. I am really surprised, Dallas has a Dallas Handknitters Guild. I have been involved in The National Knitting in public day, the Stitch and Pitch. Ladies, it sounds to me like we need to become visible in other places also. I am off to ponder a battlecry to gather the knitters together for the next Celtic festival.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Another pair

I was asked to knit a pair of the Eowyn gloves for someone, they bought the yarn. They choose to use Rowan Kid Classic in the Moss colorway.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

March Lamb or Lion???

I finished my Rachel sweater today. I will update blog with pictures later I am wearing it Saturday. I started it on the 19th of Feb and finished today! That's amazing! One week and four days. That's the fastest I have knit a sweater. I really love this yarn it it so soft, it is the Plymouth Yarn Baby Brush Alpaca in Green #1290. The sleeves are just a little to long, I can cuff them, but maybe I will take it to my new knitting group and see if they can suggest anything to fix them.

I knitted this for a friend of mine, she's really into Elvis and when I saw the pattern at Marilyn's Knitting Heaven on Earth I had to knit it for her. She is putting it in her Elvis shrine.

I am casting on Heidi's sweater today, because I won't cast on a new project on a Friday. Old wives tail, if you cast on on Friday you will never finish. I have decided to use the same Plymouth Yarn Baby brush Alpaca but in color 1805. I am totally in love with this color, it looks so alive. Heidi your going to love it totally. (Why am I talking like a valley girl???) I will have to find a pattern for me to knit something out of this yarn in purple for me. When I finish casting on, I have to finish DH's felted clogs. Speaking of which they are ready to be felted up.

Mom sent her yarn, remember I knit her a reader's wrap and she asked if she could rip it so that I could knit her a vest because the vest would work better for her. Just take a look at how she wraps. how she made them into oval shape I have no clue. Mom said to go ahead and make Heidi's sweater first then make her vest.
Fingers don't fail me now.

Quote of the day

I saw this quote and had to laugh

Funny Quote of the Day - Saint Augustine - "O Lord, help me to be pure, but not yet."

Kinda sounds like me and if Augustine became a saint, I guess there is help for me.