Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Kidney Stones, and bronchotis, ok enough

Lets see, I found out that once again I had a kidney stone, this time on the left side. They blasted it away in March, and for now I am kidney stone free again. The bad news is that I have a 50% chance of having them again. A week after having the lithotrypsy to blast the stones away I came down with what turned out to be a pretty bad case of bronchotis. I have been working on three things Nashua Lace surplus top, a toe up version of Cookie A Monkey sock pattern and the sock yarn mitered square blanket.

I work on the lace top and the sock on alternating weeks, one week the top, one week the socks, the blanket is going to be a work in progress since it's going to take allot of squares to make one queen size blanket let alone two.

These are the toe up monkey socks. So far so good, ya but I'm doing nothing but the pattern and stocking net stitch so I can't mess up too badly.

This is the beginning of my mitered square sock yarn blanket. I have allot to go, and need allot of left over sock yarn. I have gotten some from Angele and some from Laurie from Ruby Sapphire Yarns
I've bought some from Ravelers that are destashing.
Anyone that has 3 grams or more of sock yarn that that want to be rid of please let me know I may be interested in taking it off your hands. Please leave me a message here or on Ravelry just look for KnitstressMaryI love this blanket so much.

Last and not least the 1st bottom piece of the Lace top. I have to knit another bottom piece before I can start on the top parts. So far the only change in the pattern that I have done is add one more row of the lace pattern.