Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A hole in the sky

This was how it this bush looked before The Gator got a hold of it. It has to go its within the 3 ft easement that is needed for the fence. So give a man a gator and the next picture is what you get.

A hole in the sky! There is sunlight on the fish pond now, I'll be able to put another water lily, in next spring. I had to find one that grew in the shade, it was difficult but I found it. I am hoping to see tadpoles soon in the pond. We have toads. Gulf Coast Toads as a matter of fact. Ever hear one croaking or better known as "advertising"?

And here is the hole in the sky. It's amazing how different it looks in the back without the bushes. Once the new fence is in place, we can start visualizing what I am going to plant against the wall. We won't plant until mid to late fall.

This is what one bush looks like after it has been cut down. The last time I saw something like that was after Hurricane Hugo.

I should have some knitting content soon.


Heidi Durham said...

that is a pretty amazing tool. I need to make sure my husband does not see those pictures, or we'll be missing some trees too.

tayaelaine said...

Fall is THE time to plant trees & bushes -- excellent timing!

Daisy mum said...

How fun it must be to have a pond in your yarn. I hope the birds don't get the fish. Happy planting in the fall. Remember plants need space to grow, for their roots and branches.