Sunday, August 12, 2007

Why do I knit with wool in 104 degree heat???

Why do I knit with wool in 104 degree heat??? Because I live in Texas and it's August. Summer finally made it to Texas with a vengeance. Last week went a little nuts,I didn't get as much knitting done as I wanted. The BaSalt tank is coming along. I am now on octagon 4. I am hoping to have it finished before September 1st. The DH's sock (The boyfriend sock pattern) keeps growing, but I am finally starting to decrease, soon now I will be working on the ribbing and binding off. He loves them. He's realized how much work goes into knitting a sock and how much more goes into knitting one.
The Baby Surprise Jacket. I'm so excited it's half done and I haven't even touched the second skein. Now I have started to look for the buttons. Anyone out there know of any good places for handmade buttons?

I had to start another pair of socks, I know it goes against what I said a few weeks ago about projects but I joined Sock Knitter's Anonymous and the Ravelry group is having a year long sock down challenge
Sockdown: Ravelry is a year-long personal knitting challenge that will begin on August 1, 2007 and end on September 30, 2008. Members of Sock Knitters Anonymous are NOT required to participate in the KAL. It is to help us challenge ourselves by knitting socks using different techniques. This first month we have a choice of either knitting a pattern by The Sock Bug or any lace pattern. Though I like the patterns by The Sock Bug, and will probably knit at least 1 or all of her sock patterns, I had to knit this one next. I bought the yarn and the pattern from One Planet Yarn and Fiber was made from the yarn. The yarn is from Lanas Puras Melosa Fingering and the pattern is Lacy Mock Cable Socks. The colorway is Golden Rose. My camera does not do it justice. But here it is, the pattern is so easy, I am already making the gussets. Yes, it's a toe up pattern. The yarn is so super soft.


Jeri said...

We knit wool in summer because we must knit, and we like to knit wool. Turn down the a/c and knit on.

Lone Knitter said...

Oh, lucky you! I can't wait to get on Ravelry. And I don't miss the Texas heat at all, although I do miss my family. Ugh, August in Texas: not fun; not fun at all.

Lynn said...

Buttons. I'd go for some of the packets of color-themed buttons at Michael's; you will probably be able to get a package of greens and a package of blues and get enough in the same size to button up the sweater. Another option is The Ribbon Gardner on Abram. I've gotten some spectacular buttons there over the years. But my favorite is Benno's Buttons on Lovers Lane in BigD, just west of the tollway and emphatically worth the drive. It's not all that far from Snyder Plaza.

Anonymous said...

Hi From your SP, looking forward to getting to know you:)

Kathy said...

I love the surprise baby jacket colorway!!!!!!!!!!!!

As for buttons, try ebay!