Saturday, August 25, 2007

Late but better than never

Ok here is the update from last week. I know I know but, it's better than never. This is my Lacy Mock Cable sock. I'm excited I've finished it and will be casting on the 2ND one. What I have to do is undo the bind off edge and go back and do a I believe it's called a sewn bind off. It will be allot looser. I wonder if I can add an edging to it at this point. This is the first sock of the DH's, I am finally on the RIBBING!!!!! Who knows I might finish the ribbing next week.

My BaSalt tank top is coming along so I am excited

But, all I have left to do on the Surprise jacket is to sew in the thread, and sew on the buttons and I'm done!!!!! Now I have almost a full skein of the beautiful Cider Moon yarn left I need to find a hat pattern and maybe booties for a boy.

I went shopping to Elann and got the yarn for my Surplice Lace Top by Gayle Bunn


Anonymous said...

your first parcel is on its way:) hope you like it
your SP

aisling said...

Can't wait to see the BSJ complete. See you tommorow ?

Anne said...

Holy cow that's a lotta knitting! things are looking great though! I cannot even begin to imagine knitting a sock that long LOL