Monday, September 17, 2007

Still the same.

I am going to make a Red scarf this year for the red scarf program. I am using red as the main color and then adding odds and ends of leftover yarn and samples. I am going to use the Chevron Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I made some more progress on my tank top, the very middle circle needs to be finished, then I can sew it up. Then the bottom half and 1/8 of it for the sleeve.

I am having issues with making a hat. I've tried two different hat patterns and they both were coming out wonkie. This is the third hat pattern that I am attempting. It is called Jewel Baby Hat pattern. I like the way it's starting out with the patterns in the yarn. Two of the girls at work saw it and hinted, I wear hats....
Progress on my sock, I've turned the heel. now only to knit it long enough to match the other and I am done. I have to finish it by 9/30/07 to be entered into the connect. I bought another skein of this yarn but in a nearly solid purple.

And now back to the boy friend sock for DH. Well, the last one took me six weeks of working on and off of it. I have found a little bit of a faster way to knit this one. I have put stitch markers every where I have to change stitches, that way all I have to keep track of is what row I am on. It seams to be going faster. I will see.

This weekend some of the Sisters of the Wool are driving out to a place called Heritage Arts and we will get to learn how to dye yarn. I am considering purchasing a student spindle. It might be time to learn how to spin. Maybe then I can have some more of the Sock Hop yarn for socks and not have to wait until the next update. Oh and don't get me started on shop updates. There is one that gives a select group of customers a heads up that new products or products in high demand are up for sale and leave the rest of us fending for ourselves. I will have some new yarn porn but I will post it in a day or two. Tomorrow is knit night.


Jeri said...

Red with those other lovely "scraps" should be beautiful for a scarf. Can't wait to see it

Anonymous said...

love the red. I'm putting together your next parcel as we speak:)
your sp