Monday, September 03, 2007

One Sock Two Sock Red Sock Blue Sock

I finished 1 sock of the pair of socks for DH!!!! I've used one entire skein. Now all I have to do is start the second one. By the way if I haven't mentioned it before this is the Boyfriend Sock pattern.
I did see that the Knitting Zone had this yarn for sale so there is still some left for those that are looking for it. if 1 sock wasn't enough I finished a second, not the pair to the BF socks but the 1st of my Lacy Mock Cable Socks made out of Lanas Puras Melosa, fingering weight, that I got from One Planet. I love the way this yarn feels. The pattern is easy peasy.
I also started on sock 2 for the pair. Gosh my foot looks soo little.

I've now made progress on this tank that it resembles a tank. All I have left is 1 whole hexagon, one half and one eight I didn't make enough for one of the sleeves so I am going to add it in. Then the arm straps and I think I am going to put a plain solid pink band around the bottom.

This is my first Baby Surprise jacket by Nancy Zimmerman. Made out of Cider Moon I believe in Glacier, and the colorway is Pandora Rose. I will be making a hat to go along with it, just have to find the right pattern.

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