Thursday, October 18, 2007

knitting updates

Since finding The Sisters of the Wool, and that one night earlier this spring, when they showed me how to do a magic 8 cast on and knit socks Toe up I love knitting socks. Right now I have two pairs on needles. This is the latest one. It is the Ceilidh Sock Pattern from Wooly Wonka Fibers The yarn is from the wonderful Wooly Boully the color way is Texas Field of SunFlowers
This sock pattern was originally knitted cuff down and on three needles. I am knitting this toe up and on two cable needles. Yes on Knit picks needles. I have turned the heel and have done one pattern repeat of the lace pattern on the back of the leg.
My chevron scarf, maybe half way done? I am using a solid red and then alternating with left over sock yarn and some of the samples that I have gotten in the past. It was going to be for the Red Scarf project but, after reading that they wanted to make sure that it was gift quality,it sounded as if they had more scarves than they wanted, so I am going to find someone else that is going to need a red scarf .

And this, is the DH's second sock. Now just the leg I think I can do it.
Now tomorrow I will post a dilemma that I want your help with so stayed tuned.

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gorgeous colours:)