Saturday, October 20, 2007

Now what?

I have finished the Basalt Tank Top, I need one big project to work on. The dilemma now is do I start the DH's fall sweater or do I pick up a UFO?

The DH's 2007 Fall/Winter sweater is The Unisex Seeded rib v neck sweater by Sue McCaina design from Vermont Fiber designs. I bought the yarn for it over a year ago but I could not bring myself to knit it over the summer, just to hot to knit a long sleeve merino sweater.

Or should I work on this UFO? This is the Cardi Wrap that I started last year and did not get too far on.
Let me hear your opinions on the subject.


Anonymous said...

oohh the cardi wrap, I love it:) Where is the pattern from?
your pal:))

Micki said...

Well, if the last garment you made was for you, it seems fair that the next one should be for him. Life is not fair, though, so you should work on the project you're most excited about.

bookgrump said...

Why did the UFO become a UFO? If history is likely to repeat itself, skip the UFO and work on the new project.

Kathy said...

Cardi wrap is so lovely. Go for it. He'll love you in it.

Anne said...

Ooh I like the wrap, but I'm with the others - if you didn't finish it before, what are the chances you will now? Me, I'd like having it done, but if you won't wear it/enjoy it, I'd not waste the time.

Jeri said...

The cardi wrap, I think. But if you're in a mood for the pullover, go for it. In the meantime, while you think about it, knit some socks?