Friday, December 28, 2007

The Great Sock Tragedy 2007

When last you saw the Pine Tree Socks in Yarn Pirate's Shamrock colorway they were both together, just side by side, happy peaceful. A waiting patiently the time when they would come off the needles and be placed on the feet of the knitter who loving knit them.
Tah Dah!!! The firs sock done! I'll be wearing these by New Years eve she thought. Quickly but carefully she proceeded on, then on that fateful day she took it to work to measure how long to knit the 2nd sock. Somewhere between 2:00 and 9:00 sock #1 disappeared. She's checked her knitting bag 3 times, first frantically, then slowly calmly. The cafeteria at work, checked, the car, checked, and double checked, under the bed around the bed in the bed, checked, around her desk, contacting Facilities to check lost and found and nothing. No sign of the sock.
So here sits sock #2 alone, without it's mate, so sad so lonely. Please come home sock 1.

Making signs up to put them up all over work, "Lost 1 green and brown hand knit sock, worn only 1 for one hour. Answers to the name Shamrock. If found please contact Knitstress. There is a reward of 1 skein of Yarn Pirate's Icicle.

1 comment:

bookgrump said...

Oohhhhh.... I hate losing a knitted item! Hopefully your sock will find its way home like the hat that I lost last summer did.

If the person who finds it doesn't want the Yarn Pirate, just let me know! :)