Sunday, December 16, 2007

My Ceilidh Socks

These lace socks feature two Celtic lace patterns, with the name coming from the Gaelic "ceilidh" (pronounced kay-leigh) meaning a social gathering, usually with entertaining and dancing. The large lace panel which extends down the front of the sock looks similar to the lace-up pattern of traditional Irish dancing shoes. When a friend saw these she said they looked like gillies. I changed the pattern a bit, I did these toe up on two size zero circulars. The yarn I used was from my friend, Jenny at Wooly Boully The colorway is Texas, Fields of Sunflowers,The skein is 400 yards50% Super wash Merino, 50% Tencel. This Woolly Boully colorway contains yellows, greens, browns, and was inspired by sunflowers fields in Texas. Each yellow section contains a spot of brown to mirror the sunflower's brown center. The Celidh sock pattern can be found at
I love them and the way they fit!

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Lora said...

Oh those look nice!!