Sunday, December 28, 2008

Victorian Diamond Lace Socks by Susan Lawrence

I tried to do this last year but well failed because I lost the first finished sock. So this year I attempted it again.At the end of the year, I knit a pair of socks that I will wear on new years eve and into new years day. While knitting it I think about what I have done the past year, ask forgiveness for those I may have hurt or harmed through thought or action, I focus on new goals for the coming year, not only knitting but personal and/or professional. It reminds me somewhat of grandmother making prayer ties.
The pattern was originally available through knit picks. It’s my attempt at lace yes there are mistakes in it, but they are going on my feet, no one is going to see them under my pants and the only person that close to my feet is my husband when he’s massaging them.The only change to the pattern I made was to carry the yarn over down the foot until the toes. The yarn is Louet Gems . The color is called cloud, it’s mainly gray but in certain lights it has a slight purple tint to it.

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