Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Palo Duro Canyon

We left home on Tuesday about 4:00 PM. Stopped in Decater at Babes for dinner. They specialize in rib eye steaks. That's all they sell is rib eye stakes. It was good for a steak. The triple A maps are good with the exception that they go through your ass to scratch your nose when you get close to your destination. It was shear luck that we found our motel in Canyon. The motel itself was very clean, but dated. You know it looked like it had not left the 70's I walked in and immediately 'wacka sheen' emitted from my mouth. It was the first motel room I have stayed in that had a sunken shower. No bathtub but a sunkin shower. Weird. I was up checking email and what not when I heard a noise, I couldn't tell what it was at first then it dawned on me.... Rain. It was Raining! It even woke Tim up. No thunder boomers no throms, but a nice good rain.
Morning came and we woke up drove out to Palo Duro Canyon. Breath taking, amazing, litterally as one of my nephews said when he visted there, "there are all the colors in the world here" I have never seen colors like this in nature. I only hope that the photos we have taken will do it justice. We stopped at the Praire Dog Town fork of the Red River and waded in it. There is an old indian legand that says it will cure most anything you have. We had lunch in the area, a wood pecker joined us for lunch and found a grate big green bug for it's lunch. We drove around the park, saw the Spanish Skirts, Castle Rock, Light house tower, it was all breathtaking. We were told it had been raining for the past few days and everything was green... It looked as lush as it could be. Finally I'm here, finally I am sharing something that my sister did. I could see why she loved it. It feels almost magical, it feels like your in a different world. We stopped and listened... and all we heard was nature.
Regretfully we had to leave, onward to Raton NM, just a stop over. On the way we passed a signed and it stated that this was the begining of the Rocky Mountains. Raton is beautiful, it reminds me a little of a town on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Walk straight out and the first thing we see are mountains.... all around 360 degrees... It does my soul and spirit alot of good. It's not my home , not my mountains, (Blue Ridge Parkway) but it is the mountains.
Tomorrow on to Snowmass and Aspen. We leave at crack of early.
Progress on Tim's sweater... well hopefully tomorrow I will finish the center front and can begin on the sides.

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story girl said...

I loved Palo Duro Canyon and I'm so glad you got to go. It sounds like you had a wonderful trip. Your John Denver story made ME teary-eyed!! Miss you!