Sunday, September 10, 2006

September 8th.... Friday

Let's see.... Today we had breakfast at Poppycock in downtown Aspen, I recommend the pastatio home made sausage. Then to find the very difficult to find John Denver Sanctuary. For anyone that is looking for it it is in the Aspen Art Museum. Once we found it... it was magical. We walked around the several stones that have his songs carved into them. I began to look back on the times when I heard each one of those songs... The moments spent with T so many years ago when we first met and fell in love. Yes alright I cried, it was schmoopy and romantic... and it brought back alot of beautiful memories... T turned the corner and dammit I could not hid it from him that I got teary eyed... But I looked in his eyes... and they were just as teary. I wonder if John Denver realized how many people he touched? Did he realize how many lovers fell in love listening to him. Did he realize how many people he effected? It is a very special place.
From there we drove to Longmount to the Radison. We stopped many places taking more pictures.

For now I will leave you with one of his songs carved into the rocks.

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