Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Saturday Sept 9,2006

We drove up to Estes Park, went to the main entrance. For some reason we had an impression that Seven Nations were doing a concert that evening and we would not see them. Just imagine my suprise and excitment when I found out that Seven Nations was at the festival and they were playing all day!. I would get to see my cutie patutie Kirk MacCloud!!! He's letting his hair grow out, he's tanned.... he looks mighty fine for a blond. It was wonderful, I got lost in his voice and the words of his songs. His energy looks much happier as I suspected, I looked at his ring finger, his wedding band is back. The pain from the last time has gone, he has found love again. I am so happy for him. It was raining it was cold, then the sun would come out and it would be warm, at one point I had on a rain poncho, my regular poncho, a sweat shirt, a long sleeved tee shirt with tinker bell on it, (I do love that sadistic dominat faeiry) and my green short sleeved shirt. Yes hiking boots and yes a pair of the self striping socks I made myself. Put on take off Put on take off. T bought me the Seven Nations DVD I have not watched it yet. After the sexy one finished their set, I went to go say hello and shake his hand again, he congratulated us on our anniversary. We walked towards the lake to watch the highland games competition. Stopped and shared a banger. There was no one on the field that T recognized. We watched a bit. Walked over to the vendor's tents. They were packed! Jam packed I could not get by the tables, I was looking for a ring. I didn't buy anything because I could bearly get near them to see. Besides I look at things and think to myself I can get that off the internet, I can make that not for cheaper but it will be better. Am I jaded or frugal? We felt the temps drop wind kicked up and we decided to go back to the car and find some lunch. We ate at the Grubs, T had an elk burger, I had a buffallo burger. I've missed buffallo. We drove back to the hotel, while driving back we heard thunder several times... Man it was loud, it was great. We both needed the whirlpool it was great. It was a wonderful day

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