Saturday, September 09, 2006

September 07, 2006

All I can say is WOW!
The drive to Snowmass was breathtaking. We drove up CO 82, it took us through San Isabel, we stopped by Twin Lakes, I saw a hawk flying high over us. As we were driving up we came to this rock formation. To me it looks like a Giant fell asleep underground and shoved his foot out for all to see, to T, he just is calling this the foot hills.... See the pic and you decide what it is.We started our drive up to Independence Pass. We started to see white stuff up on some of the peaks, I thought a first it was rocks. No Wrong! We got up to the Continental Divide at 12,035 ft and yes SNOW. Man it was cold up there, I did not feel my nose, and ears for a bit. I had not been that cold in a long long time. It's difficult to describe the beauty of the place. The strong and rugged but yes so fragile environment in such a delicate balance. On our drive up , we came up the road to deer crossing, I believe 2 adult females, one younger one and one mature buck. I tried to get a good picture of them. This is the best I could get, I believe it is the young one. Finally made it Aspen. Aspen is beautiful, streets were very busy with people bustling about. Snowmass, is pretty also, however between the instructions from Triple A sucking and road construction, correction no, road distruction, we had to take a detour to find our motel, the Snowmass Mountain Chalet. It was very cloudy and I could not see the stars at all, I got a sliver of the moon trying to break between the clouds. We had dinner at Zane's Tavern. Not anything to write home about average pub food. Tomorrow, Longmount

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