Thursday, March 08, 2007

First Robin

It's official I saw my first robin today. Spring is here officially even though it's not March 20 something. I still have three more weeks of winter nail polish.... Wait, that's another weird thing about me. I polish my finger nails once a week. I have the colors separated for spring/summer and fall/winter. So that I don't get confused as to what color I have used and what is next, I set them in alphabetical order. Yes I know it's weird. That and the whole banana thing. For me I can only eat a banana if it's still green. Even a tiny bit of green. Without the green in it, it just doesn't taste right. The mailman brought me goodies from Canada. This is from my International Sassy Sock Yarn Swap. There was this adorable tape measure, and perfect timing, since my tape measure has pissadeared into some black hole or alternate universe. It's shaped like a little chick, you press his beak so that the tape goes back in. Lovely little note cards that I believe say a note from "Mary" and lastly the absolutely gorgeous yarn it's in different shades of green! I am sure they will look awesome.

From the Heart of Texas March KAL it's a Shamrock square. Very quick very easy. Now with the Monthly dishcloth KAL, well I already had that one on my list to knit next month. I tired several times to knit it but, it just wasn't working for me. So I frogged it one more time and put it up and started a shamrock.

I finished another square for an afghan or blanket for charity.

Ohhhh and this, this is the back of Heidi's sweater, I made a few mistakes, the pattern got confusing so I went on line looked to see if there were any corrections to the pattern and as soon as I read them, I had it figured out. I have already started on the front and it should be easier since it's identical to the back. Back to the salt mines.


hakucho said...

I always look for that first Robin, luck so far. Guess it's been too cold here. Very nice "squares" and that's a great start to your sweater!

happy knitting :)

Scarlett said...

I don't seem to have your email addy. That is one thing I dislike about blogger comments. I am way behind on reading blogs this week. I loved your sweater. Very nice, I think I should try a sweater this year, but do I have the attention span for it.

Regarding your note on my blog...thank you, your words really touched me on the level that shared deaths and grief can truely understand.

I have not seen a robin yet, but we have blooming daffodils and flies. Yes, in the South.

Heidi Durham said...

I love the sweater so far. I (like totally) can't wait to wear it! I am like you on the banana thing. Must be genetic. I will not eat a banana either if it has any BROWN on it at all. Must be all yellow with a little green. :)

Lone Knitter said...

That is the cutest tape measure! I'm actually going to open the etsy shop on Saturday, around noon New York time, so stop on by!

Frances said...

Love that charity square. Is the pattern available. I wouls like to learn how to knit a square.

The Knitstress said...

Frances, thank you so much for visiting and commenting. As far as the charity square I am not allowed to give out the pattern, I was a test knitter for a book to be published. The book is scheulded to be out next spring. There are some similar patterns on Knit picks that are free.