Friday, March 23, 2007

What were they thinking???

Do you ever sit back after seeing a commercial and go what on earth are they thinking? I saw one today for Always sanitary pads, that really set me off. It was pretty, floral, lacy etc, just the thing that I never felt when I had a visit from Aunt Flo. At the very end the announcer says, "And have a happy period." ERRRRRRRRR Brakes!!!! put the knitting down and stand back because she is about to talk with her hands. No I'm not Italian but grew up in a neighborhood that was primarily Greek and Italian. What did they just say? I don't think I ever recall have a happy period. Did I ever wish anyone a happy period, no, but maybe from now on, gee... is there a Hallmark card for that? If not just imagine the monthly revenue that they could get! Thank goodness, I've been fixed and don't have to worry about ever having a Happy Period ever again.

Wishing you and yours ..... A Happy Period!


Crafty Granny said...

Oh do I agree, "happy period"--I was always ready to be my head in the oven. I also just love the commerical for shorter periods, in theory if I thought it was safe, sounds peachy. but I'm leary of the long term effects. The commerical for that mortifies me along with viagra, cialis, enhancing lubricanst, especially when my son happens to be around (all 6'4' of him), He must think me odd (I am) when I leave the room to make tea EVERY time one of those personal ads come on. On another subject, if you are a sock knitter, check out, she does beautiful work and has just opened an etsy store called the Woollyboully. I was fortunate enough to she the yarn she has hand dyed knit up into test squares and they make me feel like Sping really is here. How does secret pal work?? I'm new to blogging and still floundering around. I'd like to get involved in something fun (then I would have a legitimate excuse to go the the yarnstore)

I forgot, hope you don't mind I'm making a blanket in my sister's memory and when I saw your shamrocks------well, I have to incorporate a few. I toted home a suitcase full of Aran yarn the last time we were in Ireland (don't ask aobut the comments my husband was muttering-the man just doesn't understand) it's been in my stash for almost two years, just waiting for the perfect project and what would be more fitting then using it for a blanket being done in my sistermemory, who loved all things Irish?? Hard to work with but very fitting (at least I think so.

Lone Knitter said...

I hate those Always commercials too. Now they want us to "have a happy period." That's terrible. Good lord! What will they try to sell us next? I especially hated those commercials when I was a teenager and over at someone's house and there would be a guy in the room. That was really uncomfortable.

Scarlett said...

I think they are absurd, too. You know how I feel about tv. I promise the first thing I am gonna do when I hit powerball is to check myself in for a hysterectomy.