Tuesday, March 06, 2007


NTIF is short for North Texas Irish Festival. It was held this weekend in Dallas. The weather cooperated with the festival this year. The winds didn't but you can't ask for everything at this festival. The festival had musicians, dancers, Irish and Scottish Beer and whisky, cds, dvds, books, trinkets vendor after vendor demo after demo, performer after performer.... but something was missing. I didn't really notice it was missing until I took up knitting. Besides all of the above there is one thing that Ireland and Scotland are know for... Anyone want to take a guess??? What about wool??? What about knitting??? Crocheting??? Weaving???? ETC???? not one ounce not one skein no where to be seen. If it wasn't for me pulling out my knitting at the Shannon Stage that would not have happened either. My knitting did catch the eyes of a few prepubescent ones which just made them point and giggle.... I am pretty sure their Grannies knit them a jumper or two. I am really surprised, Dallas has a Dallas Handknitters Guild. I have been involved in The National Knitting in public day, the Stitch and Pitch. Ladies, it sounds to me like we need to become visible in other places also. I am off to ponder a battlecry to gather the knitters together for the next Celtic festival.

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