Thursday, March 01, 2007

March Lamb or Lion???

I finished my Rachel sweater today. I will update blog with pictures later I am wearing it Saturday. I started it on the 19th of Feb and finished today! That's amazing! One week and four days. That's the fastest I have knit a sweater. I really love this yarn it it so soft, it is the Plymouth Yarn Baby Brush Alpaca in Green #1290. The sleeves are just a little to long, I can cuff them, but maybe I will take it to my new knitting group and see if they can suggest anything to fix them.

I knitted this for a friend of mine, she's really into Elvis and when I saw the pattern at Marilyn's Knitting Heaven on Earth I had to knit it for her. She is putting it in her Elvis shrine.

I am casting on Heidi's sweater today, because I won't cast on a new project on a Friday. Old wives tail, if you cast on on Friday you will never finish. I have decided to use the same Plymouth Yarn Baby brush Alpaca but in color 1805. I am totally in love with this color, it looks so alive. Heidi your going to love it totally. (Why am I talking like a valley girl???) I will have to find a pattern for me to knit something out of this yarn in purple for me. When I finish casting on, I have to finish DH's felted clogs. Speaking of which they are ready to be felted up.

Mom sent her yarn, remember I knit her a reader's wrap and she asked if she could rip it so that I could knit her a vest because the vest would work better for her. Just take a look at how she wraps. how she made them into oval shape I have no clue. Mom said to go ahead and make Heidi's sweater first then make her vest.
Fingers don't fail me now.

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Angele said...

Your sweater looked fabulous on Saturday and a very pretty color green! You did a great job! I think you knitted your sleeves long subconciously so you could put your hands up in them to keep them warm!