Thursday, March 22, 2007

Secret Pal 10 Robyn's group contest #2

Yes I finally have a secret pal, I finally exist. I have left her a message already. I have read over her Secret Pal questions and found one item that is very very interesting and coincidental. Now I am just waiting for mine to contact me. In the mean time, we were asked to comment about our favorite knitting accessory... Let me think, gauge ruler, stitch markers or knitting bags? Let me think about this in another way, if I were on alone on an island what one accessory would I need .... it has to be stitch markers anyone that knows me knows I have stitch markers. I don't have any of the fancy schmancy kinds, you know the ones with the pretty glass beads, just regular old plastic clover. Not that I wouldn't love a pair of those pretty ones, but, truthfully, thats a luxury I cannot afford at this time. I put them on and keep them on until I am binding off, I am very very anal about keeping count. I softly laugh because sometimes I leave a trail of stitch markers behind, sometimes, in my pockets, laundry, car, doctor's office, restaurants, the local pub, yes I knit when I go to the pub to listen to "Free Whiski", the car... you get the idea. Gotta have my stitch markers

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