Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Today the mailman was nice to me, he brought me my package from the Yarn Junkies Unite Purple swap. And lookie lookie what I got. There is this beautiful sock yarn from J Knits. Looks like I have yarn porn to share at my knitting group tomorrow. We always start off with show and feel in our group. She also enclosed my first my one and only Fancy Schmancy Stitch marker. I don't buy these for myself because when one is unemployed it's a luxury one can live without. But I finally have one!!! There was also a little tube of lotion. Wow, did she look in the mirror with me this morning. I woke up and saw little faint lines around my eyes, No not the tiny crows feet in the corners the lines.!!! YIKES... who is this old crone in the mirror looking back at me? And now for a special treat, for those that don't know it the official state flower of Texas is the Blue Bonnet. The grow along the road sides, open pastures, fields etc. Literally there are patches of blue. It's a beautiful site. Last spring we got sickly blue bonnets because of the drought. This year, it rained for a few days, and the temps spiked up into the 80's and the blue bonnets popped! To give you an idea of how many is needed to make a sea of blue, here is a photo of one, just one blue bonnet.
This is allot more than one

And this too. Easter Sunday families will be out in force taking photos in their Easter clothes in the blue bonnets. No I didn't spell it wrong up on the title. When mom was able to fly and visit us she would come out here during the early spring because summer would be too hot for her. I told her that they were blue bonnets when she asked me what was that blue flower that was growing so beautifully. She repeated blue bonnies. And in our family, it's been blue bonnies ever since.

Speaking of mom, I have the entire back of her vest finished and have started the left front. I have both wrist bands done for Garren, and now working on the head band. I am also working on the Monthly KAL's for Monthly Dishcloths and the Heart of Texas groups.


Heidi Durham said...

DE Blue Bonnies are so be-yooo-ti-ful!

Kathy said...

Thank you for sharing the meadows of bluebonnies. I am jealous. We don't have them here in Chicago.

Scarlett said...

Lovely pics. I really do like pics on blogs. I like the one that was in bloom last week and now wilted. Cool idea, is that like in your fountain or something.

Anne said...

Very pretty flower shots :) And congrats on your stitch marker - they can be so fun, and the really bad part is that I don't even use most of the ones I have because I feel like they get in the way of knitting for me (for most folks that doesn't seem to be a problem!!) If you try yours and like it, let me know - I could share with you many of those that I don't use if you'd like them!

The Knitstress said...

Kathly your right there are no blue bonnets in Chicago. But there are no lilacs here in Texas.
Anne, unfortunately blooger does not give me an email address I would love to have you share some of yours with me. just email me at msemeraldtx@gmail.com

Lone Knitter said...

Thanks for posting these picks. I'm from Texas, and living in NYC for grad school, I don't get to see bluebonnets anymore. I've missed bluebonnets! Whenever I visit my folks, the bluebonnets are long gone. I need to plan a spring visit.