Friday, April 20, 2007

Secret Pal presents! Mom's vest, and roses

I came home from work Wednesday night from work to find my first present from my Secret Pal better know to me as Lucy, a special name we decided on for her, I would rather call her Lucy than SP10. I was thrilled with the stitch markers she sent, I just love them they are cats. Then there was this adorable tiny sock form with a pattern to make a tiny sock key chain.

Then there was the yarn... the yummie scrumptious Cherry Tree Hill, Glitter Alpaca. The colorway is called Martha's vineyard, deep purples, soft greens, blueberry blues, and a touch of glitter. I know it will make a gorgeous pair of fingerless gloves....

Then a sweet bag to hold my new stash in. I love it love it love it!

Lucy your the best. She is so sweet that when she heard about the tornado's that touched down she emailed me to make sure we were safe. She's wonderful.

This is the first rose of spring. This rose bush is always the first. I have buds on the others also but they are still green. The oleander has buds and finally the Confederate jasmine is almost there too. I don't know if the tomatoes will make it because of the rain they are looking a little yellow. I'll have to wait and see what happens.

Well it's finished here is Mom's vest. Yes I changed the pattern a bit, she really liked the double seed stitch that was on the wrap so I put it on the edge of the vest. I also sewed the one of the pockets on, she has the other pocket. I hope that she likes this one. If not I'll be knitting her another.

The next installment of the 12 days of Yule. I now have Five golden rings. I am now working on Rene's shrug, the thong from knitty and another square. I am having problems with the thong, I've tried to do the short rows twice now and each time they are off. I am going to have to read some more on wraps and turns.
I've been working now for two weeks. I am either grasping it or making mistakes. I have been told they like the way I write my emails, I communicate well. They are the most meetingest company.... Let me get a routine down let me learn the ropes then let me start going to meetings. We are supposed to be working two weeks out and in my first full week of being on my own I am at two weeks out. I've had the managers come and tell me they hear I am doing well. I have befriended the Senior Analyst. I still feel unsure of things, but I will say one thing it's easier than mortgages.
Tomorrow I am going to get something I have missed sorely.... A PEDICURE!!!! It's sandal season here already.


Kathy said...

Beautiful images you post!

Your knitting is awesome. Your Cherry tree hill is a real beauty. I guess you love Lucy!

Anne said...

Ooh enjoy the pedicure. They're definitely one of my guilty vices in life :D the gifts from your pal are adorable! And I really like the things you've been knitting up lately :D

Scarlett said...

I love gifts and you got some nice yarn. The little sock blocker is so nice. I carry around my first learner sock everywhere with me.

Are you designing your 12 days of christmas or did someone else did?

Cause I would like to figure out how to design my own cloths.