Thursday, April 12, 2007

Mom's vest

First I am flattered very flattered Kathy from Irisheyes Knitting blog was so fascinated by the Tornado Knitting she referenced me in her blog. Thank you Kathy.
It's taking some time but I am working on Mom's vest. The back is completely finished. I work on it before I start work, during lunch, and on the drive home, Right we we are car pooling DH works about 15 minutes from where I work so for the next week we are going to car pool twice a week to see how it works, will it safe any money on gas? Don't know but I know I can knit while he drives (yes my sisters in knitting you see my diabolical evil plot!). But on those days that I drive, I do knit while I drive. Don't worry, I knit at red lights and Stop and go traffic. Most of the progress that I have had on Mom's vest is because I knit in traffic. I have changed the pattern a little bit, Mom liked the double seed stitch I put on her wrap, so I am putting that on the vest also. The original pattern is called the Albion Vest. She wanted something plain no buttons nothing at all, So I am not even making the ties. I'll just sew on the pocket she sent back
I have been working on my monthly KAL's in the evening This one is from the group From the Heart of Texas the designer is the very talented Kayleen Clements. You will have to join her group to get the pattern it's listed in the file section under monthly KALs & CAL. No I did not knit it out of cotton, I knitted it out of left over yarn. Yes another square to add to the afghan. I thought that 9 squares would be enough but it doesn't look right, so I will have to add 6 more for it to resemble an afghan, I need to get the afghan done and sent to The Lone Knitter before the end of June to be eligible to be in her contest. I need to start the Five golden rings square to add to the the blanket. I will work on it tomorrow. I also have to post something for the SP10, probably again tomorrow. I still have another coat of nail polish to put on my fingers.


Scarlett said...

The vest is gorgeous, I am drooling over it. You certainly knit more productively than me.

Good luck with the nail polish, I always smear mine.

Anne said...

Ooh very cute dish cloth - and I too love the way that the vest is turning out. I'm sure your mother will just LOVE it!