Sunday, April 08, 2007

Things happen so quickly sometimes

Lets see the last entry was for Tuesday well that evening I went to my knitting group at the Starbucks at I 20 and Forest Hill. It had been raining that day. Angele got rear ended but thankfully it was not too bad. So there we are 6 of us knitting, looking through books, going over that weeks yarn porn, drinking coffees, talking about husbands, jobs, cats, sock camp etc. The last thing we expected to hear was one of the employees coming up to us and saying, "Excuse me ladies, but we have been informed that we are under a tornado warning, and you have the choice of either going to sit it out in the bathroom or leaving, but we have to lock up. Well I have never heard of anyone out running a tornado so we choose to all go to the bathroom, it was in the back away from the windows and the building is cement. Six of us piled into the bath room the employees were in the back room. We had cell phones, coffee, water, a toilet, yarn, needles, books, a flash light, and each other. Thankfully, nothing happened. The Starbucks employees were wonderful and should be commended for doing a great job. We all were safe. When I got home I found out that there had been a tornado that touched down in the area and the Starbucks we were at had a hook of the tornado over it. We were very lucky.

The next day I received my swap from the knitting book swap exchange. The book is One Skein it actually has been on my wish list. Thank you!

Thursday was the start of my new job. Yes I have finally gotten a job after being unemployed for
almost a year. I was exhausted. It's not only a change in jobs but also fields. I took a cut in pay but I am getting paid what I expected for someone with my skills and changing in fields.

Saturday was and interesting day. It snowed yes it snowed here in Texas. It was opening day at Scarborough I had to go in my jarwoll socks, my hiking boots, black jeans, thermal long sleeve shirt, sweat shirt, and my winter fleece lined cloak. It was cold. I've got a all the photos in it in my flicker account but here are a few teasers.

Queen Margaret

Queen Anne Boleyn and King Henry VIII catching snowflakes on his tongue. King Henry is quite playful especially when around the wenches.
I have made some progress on mom's vest, and actaully finished another square. I will have photos of them very soon.


Kayleen said...

I just love your blog. AND I really love your knitting. Thanks for the inspiration. I'll be back to visit often!
Houston, TX

Angele said...

Did you have to use MY picture! Ewww! Hope you had fun at Scarborough! Don't worry, it'll be 100 degrees out soon enough and we'll wish this weather would come back!

Can't wait to hear more about your new job tomorrow at "group".

Lone Knitter said...

I'm glad to hear that everyone was okay--leave it to knitters to be perfectly happy to knit through a tornado!

Anne said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Unemployment can be so difficult - I'm happy for you that you found a job, and enjoyed the safety of bathroom knitting to keep away from teh tornado - how scary!

elan said...

There used to be a medieval fair near us but it hasn't run for a couple years, my boys loved it.

Congrats on the new job.

Kathy said...

That is one incredible knitgroup story! Were you able to knit during the lock up? Good luck with the new job. Give yourself time. It is a big deal

Kathy said...

I just mentioned your blog in mine today. The tornado story was fascinating to me. I know others will enjoy it.