Monday, July 02, 2007

And now back to Knitting

First I knot it's been a while but when you work full time, work on remodeling the house part time there is little time left for knitting let alone blogging. We will start this episode with a cat and his modern day mouse. Smudge looked too sweet so of course I had to take advantage of the moment. But with no further adieu .....

My Baudelaire's! SKOŃCZONE!!! I used a pattern called Baudelaire.
The pattern is created by the very talented Cookie A and can be found in the Summer 2006 issue of Knitty.
I used one skein of Madeline Tosh Sock yarn in a colorway called Martha Stuart. Sorry everyone I am told the color is no longer available, there is one that is close called Robin's Nest. This was my first socks done with a Magic 8 cast on and knit on 2 Knit picks circulars size 2 and knit toe up. Thank you my Sisters of the Wool and the Pattern Whisperer for helping me when I got lost. The first one I knit in the large size, the second I knit in the medium size, I like the fit on the medium better. I have to learn when to stop knitting the foot so that I can start working the gusset. Remember to use safety lines. I will make these again but not next. the next set of socks are for the DH.
Now this next little pretty is the Very Berry T- Shirt found on Mag knits Look in the March 2007 issue to find it. This one is the one I made for my niece Bella. The yarn is The color is called Cotton Candy. I made and identical one for my other niece Jada out of a color called Sherbet. I had hoped her mom would send a photo of her in it but nothing yet. Bella's mom better take a picture of her in it.
Lastly my first real piece with cables. Called the Shell Tank, from the book Knitting Nature.
I made it out of Rowan's cotton knitting yarn. I can see in the photo that I did not have the same dye lot, oh well.
I have a plan for knitting. I get bored easily with one project. So I will have 3 projects on needles all the time. One will be socks. One can never have enough socks, one will be a new project and one will be a UFO.
If anyone has any patterns for toe up socks, women's or men's... can you please leave me the info I did not realize it was this difficult to find patterns that are toe up. We start phase 2 of the remodel tomorrow. Oh joy!!! This one involves the guest bedroom, the hallway and the hall bath.
I will try to blog again no later than a week from today. Enjoy and leave me comments.


Jeri said...

Yea for finished Baudelaires. We need to get all of us to bring them some Tuesday and get another group picture.

Heidi Durham said...

These are so GREAT!!