Monday, July 09, 2007

DH's First socks

I promised the DH a pair of socks after I was satisfied with making a pair that fit me. Well I finally learned and now the DH is getting a pair of red white and blue socks. When I found a pattern called the Boyfriend socks pattern The pattern was designed by a lovely person called the Slipped Stitch. Well... it was a knitting disaster for at least 3 days,the socks had to go into time out. it was just coming out way big. The stitch count was fine while I was increasing, but as soon as I started the pattern it grew by a quarter of an inch. It was quite vexing. I had to finally go down to size 1 needles, and medium size and finally it was coming out right. Well except for now, I just noticed an error I made in the pattern. Now do I leave it as it and call it a pattern alteration or do I frog again??? I will decide that later. At least I have a safety line in where the toe decreases stop. I also thought I would try doing things in 3 so I started with the increases on the 3rd stitch and not the second as I typically do, by the 6th time of increasing the sock started looking too boxie so I did the increases on the second stitch.

Tomorrow is knit night and I am going to take Rene's shrug with me because I have to add at least 3 inches to it maybe even 4. I have a few questions for my Sisters in Wool.

Still no invitation to Ravelry, but I had an email from them yesterday, there are about 1000 people in front of me so I guesstimate somewhere within two weeks I should be getting my invitation.

I have been experimenting with doing a rag rolled effect in the bathroom. I think I like this We will see how it looks on a whole wall.

And presenting the new floor in the guest bedroom. It's beautiful, it took DH and a friend about six hours to do. Our bathroom is done except for the shower rod and a new liner. I think we will need a new shower curtain in the hall bath. I will see when we have finished painting.


Kathy said...

Oh I LOVE the red white and blue socks. All those restarts, very admirable. I would have abandoned the pattern for sure.

Anonymous said...

Those are looking really great :) Props to you for sticking with it, it's so easy to just drop something that's frustrating that much!