Sunday, July 15, 2007

I caught Smudge in the bathroom window, with the sunlight streaming in, he just looked so regal, so Smudgley, upon his throne of books. That is one of his many thrones. Now onto Knitting!!!! First the update on the DH's socks. Foot is done heel is turned and now onto the leg. He would like these up over his calf so I am not 100% how long I have to make it but the good thing about toe up I can keep trying them on. The back of the sock will have the same cable design, I am going to be adding stitches to the sides to that it will allow for his bigger calves. first now not sure how many stitches, but again toe up will help so I can check them once a day. He is thrilled with them so far, he loves it that it fits so well. I am pretty amazed at how well it's fitting.
Next update my Basalt Tank, I kind of frelled up on the second hexagons, some of the knitting was on the wrong side but it's going to be like that.

Also this week I am working on fixing my niece's shrug. I need to add about 3 or 4 inches to both sides of the shrug. I also am working on a square for charity. I will take more photos of things this week
I am only 205 people away from my Ravelry invite. I should have it by knit night. I did want to mention that I ordered yarn from someone new to me Cider Moon I ordered on the 12th and by the 14th it's in my freezer. I saw the right purple for the Baby Surprise Sweater that I am going to be knitting for a firend. I haven't even gotten the pattern yet but I have the yarn. So with service like that I have to put them on my list of people I will use.

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Angele said...

Smudge looks so cute! What a life cats have! When I'm reincarnated, I hope I'm a house cat!