Monday, July 23, 2007

A Delightful ball of energy

July 19th we all gathered at Borders for a extra Thursday night knit night (Tuesday nights are knit nights except when there is a special reason). We all were patenting waiting. Her plan landed late because of a storm in Atlanta. We got a little antsy, The Pattern Whisperer was trying to whisper a pattern, Joyous was busy contemplating knitting of course. Then they were stuck in traffic, proceeded with the usual yarn porn, aka show and tell aka the blessing of the yarn. Shared new books, patterns or tools acquired since last week, congratulated the ones that had finished objects and yes knitted. All waiting for the arrival of our special guest, our Sister from across the pond.

Then she appeared in front of us. There was Jo. So happy and bubbly, so excited even though some of us just met her for the first time, she hugged each one of us individually. I don' know where she got all her energy she was up for 20 some odd hours when we saw her. She was almost in tears because she had waited for so long to be with us. Our time together passed so quickly. Jo was able to spend the next two days with Angluna for 2 days on her world wind journey to Texas. She flew home on Sunday morning, we know she will come back to be with us again some day. I finished another square. This is just all simple seed stitch. Not very pretty but it used up some more yarn that was leftover.
This one is a diagonal stitch. This got a little wonkie it kept growing and growing even when I was decreasing. I did slack off for a bit and didn't knit squares for a while. I am making an effort to knit 10 rows a night.
And this is the progress I have made on Tim's sock, only 10 more inches to go before I can add 2 inches of ribbing. He's really happy with the way it's turning out. I am impressed with myself on the way it's turning out. Next sock yarn for him will be out of a different yarn. I have several skeins of sock yarn and want to start knitting socks for me but Nope... have to finish these for him.

This is the 3rd hexagon for the BaSalt tank I am going to knit half of one to put in at the bottom of #1. We will see if it turns out the way I want.

I am still working on finishing the shrug for Rene, I am not sure if it is turning out the way I want, one sure way is to finish it and then I will see.
Tomorrow is knit night, the highlight of the day.


Lone Knitter said...

That's awesome that you had such a special sister come to visit. Happy knitting!

Kathy said...

You just keep on making great progress. Jo looks like a doll. My al, is allison jo. THere is a long fine line of Jo's and Josephines on our Irish side. Some Hungarian Joe's on the other side.

I love the socks. Looks like a great fit