Monday, July 02, 2007

End of SP10

The end of SP10 "Lucy" revealed herself to me. She is a wonderful person. Her name is Lora, she is brilliant, and extremely creative. She is also very caring. When she read about the "tornado knitting" she was so concerned that she had to email me to ask if I was ok.

She read my blog several times to find things out about me. She went through my wish list.

She's brilliant, she somehow figured out I like pirates, and sewed me this lovely pr irate bag and made me these awesome stitch markers.

I was speechless when I saw them, they are just perfect. Now all I need is one of these Yarn
and I am all set for Knit Night.
Lora, has a cute little shop on Etsy, so go forth to her store and buy her stuff! Lora's Keyhole
I'll have one more post before we start on phase 2 of the house remodel. Hall bath, guest bedroom and hall way. The computer room/husband cave is scheduled for August. Be safe and dry everyone.
Oh by the way the DFW area did not break a record for the most consecutive days it's rained. We have had rain every day for 10 days straight. We would have been tied at 11. It rained so hard on Tuesday there was at least 8 inches of water on the road that we had to go take to go home on. Thank the Goddess I married a man who's name is, Take the Scenic Route.

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Lora said...

So glad you like all the goodies!! It was so fun making and buying for you! Keep in touch!! I have you on my blogreader. :)