Thursday, October 26, 2006

10 Years ago today

Ten years ago today I married my best friend. There are many things about that day I remember. That despite it being the end of October it was sunny, cool maybe in the 50's all day... We were married in Chicago. Waiting impatiently outside the church for the wedding before ours to finish. I forgot the ring bears pillow, Dark Rogue's hand shaking in mine when I finally got tithe alter. The race to get the unity candle lit and yes I got there anew seconds before he did. The surprised look on both our faces when Father Michael decided to use another gospel reading than the one we picked out. I don't remember the words that were spoken only the looking his eyes and the feel of the metal on my finger. Not all daughters can say their father gave them away and assisted in the actual wedding mass and ceremony (daddy was a deacon). The taste of the liquid Pepto bismal and drinking the entire bottle before church only to follow with a bottle of champagne .. the bride was very happy when she finally got to the reception. Explaining to T that when we got to my parents house mom would be there greeting us with a plate, with rye bread, salt and a shot of vodka. Rye bread so that we would always have something to eat, salt so that we would always have salt because it is necessary for life and vodka so that we would always have something to drink. The look of shock when my father was toasting us, Don't congratulate them today.... No don't... but wish them luck instead... in 10 yrs in 25 yrs congratulate them for their marriage.When I look back on that day, I hear these lyrics in my mind...

And I have to say it now Its been a good life all in all
Its really fine To have a chance to hang around
And lie there by the fire And watch the evening tire
While all my friends and my old lady
Sit and pass the pipe around
And talk of poems and prayers and promises
And things that we believe in
How sweet it is to love someone
How right it is to care
How long its been since yesterday
And what about tomorrow
And what about our dreams
And all the memories we share


The Durhams said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Has it really been 10 years? It was such a beautiful day - I remember it too. And such a beautiful wedding...Love to both of you.

Fernando said...

Congratulations!!!!! I am so happy for the two of you, big hug, love you,