Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Lady Fish and Mr Limpet

I walked out to the pond to feed the fish, and realized the pond looked empty. I saw the gold fish but where was Lady Fish and Mr Limpet... It's hard to miss a 12 inch butterfly koi... then my eyes looked .... there she was floating dead under the fountain. My heart sank, my beautiful Lady Fish dead... Panic what about Mr. Limpet.... surely he was still there... no under the waterfall ... there he was dead also. ... My Heart sank again... Both bought at the same place, both lived in our pond for a year and a half... and both gone at the same time... There were no signs of a preditor so we are clueless... T buried them both in the rose garden. The roses will be prettier. We will try again with 2 new butterfly koi in the spring. The picture shows all the fish, Lady Fish was the large white and orange one, and Mr. Limpet is the smaller one that was white, black and orange.

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Fernando said...

Sorry to hear that Mary.