Friday, October 20, 2006

Longest six inches

I think that the longest six inches are the ones from the sock ribbing to the heel flap. I still am working on my second sock getting the six inches. We went to J's house this evening I started working on wash cloth with cables. I have to learn some time. It kinda looks crappy for now at least. I have not taken a photo of it yet but will soon. Oh update on the yarn shop in Duncanville. Still looks closed, there was a weed whacker, a bottle of weed be gone and a bottle of bleach by the front door, the store looks full I am clueless as to what is happening. I will have to check back next week.


The Durhams said...

I keep waiting for the photo of the longest six inches! You keepa me in suspense!

The Knitstress said...

I will photo it and post it soon.

The Knitstress said...

I posted a picture of the socks