Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Busy busy busy

Well I finished T's sweater. It only took 7 weeks. Now I am working on three projects at once, a pair of socks that I started in Chicago, using someone else's method, maybe these will fit better, a pair of compression bandages for F he has 27 inch calves, and a new winter jacket for me. Right now just trying to get gauge.... I am having a little difficult time with it so I am going to go for help to Yarn Heaven. I also have been making squares for the Warm up America project. Turning in the last two some time this week probably tomorrow or Thursday, need to get more cotton yarn am going to make a wash cloth with cables with A the two of us will learn together. We are going to start meeting at J's house on Thursday nights. I need to get T to show me how to upload the photos from the camera. I was going to make scarves for the family for Christmas, but it's to late to start. So I will make them one at a time and send them when they are done. Better late than never.

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