Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Ok, the Bella poncho is on hold... I have been knitting like a mad woman, trying to have each part completed by the next class. Oh I get it done or nearly done but then I look at my work. There are so many mistakes all I am doing is back knitting. The instructor tried to encourage me saying it all can be fixed after with a needle.... But you know for a moment it made me happy.... Just moment. It looked like crap I would know the errors were there. So I ripped the entire thing out. I am putting the Bella away for a bit, I need to work on something else. No it will not get the best of me but I am going to take my time on it and it will be beautiful.


The Durhams said...

Good to take a break. Have to remember that the fun things should remain FUN! :) Can't wait to see pictures!

The Knitstress said...

Well I am heading to Tuesday night knitting. I am going to tell the instructor I am starting over on it but am taking a break. I am working on a jacket right now. I have at least 4 different projects on needles and switch between all of them when I have had enough of one. They told me this would happen when I first was learning. I could not imagine it but yes it does happen. I will try to get Tim to scan a photo of the jacket I am making. The yarn is called Touch Me it's soft and fuzzy.