Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Bella update

First before the Bella update. I want to know who upset the Texas weather gods/goddesses??? It's like Chicago cold. It's not supposed to get this cold in Texas. The temp has not been above 32 degrees in more than 24 hours. I shouldn't complain too much, Summer is right around the corner. And yes this is typical the Stock Show opened last Friday, normal weather for the stock show is an ice storm.
The Bella shawl by Fiber trends. I think I can say I am in the home stretch, I have to repeat the pattern up the front, around the shoulder down the back and then 5 for the end. It's going to be a while still on this. I think that it's worth the wait. I already have plans to make another one for the spring/summer since this colorway is more of a fall/winter. My Eowyn fingerless gloves, the bottom of both of them is done, now to knit the ruffled lace edging and sew them together. I am rather proud of myself I was able to figure something out on this patter by myself. This patter, comes out of the Rowan magazine, one that I love but can't afford a subscription for, it's just out of my price range for now. Rowan is out of the UK, now, the instructions have centimeters instead of inches, but I was able to figure that one out quickly the tape measure is two sided one with inches the other with centimeters. What did throw me for a loop at first was "yarn forward" ok I'm thinking and what??? slip the next stitch? what? A "yarn forward"is a "yarn over". Sometimes I amaze myself. And yes I did put a subscription to Rowan on my wish list. Hint Hint Hint.



Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love to KIP, especially being so young, it's fun to have people ask. Maybe it's an excuse to talk about knitting? lol

Your Bella shawl looks gorgeous! I'm looking forward to the day when I cast on for my first shawl. Thanks again.

Heidi Durham said...

I was walking in NYC today and passed a charming little yarn shop in Soho, called Purl ( Is there anything that you are looking for, some elusive yarn, perhaps, that I can look for while I am here? Just let me know and I"ll go back and check.