Thursday, January 04, 2007


First, this is a picture of our dog, she's a corgi, her male owner named her Xena, and yes, she does live up to being a princess. I woke up the day after Christmas, and one of the pillows that normally is at the head of the bed must have fall off and landed on her pillow. The pillow is 400 count cotton. I found her asleep on this pillow so yes our little girl lives up to being a princess.I have made some more progress on Frog's compression bandage, I will get to try it on him on Saturday. Keep your fingers crossed.
I started Tim's new pullover long sleeve polo sweater. This is the first piece. It's already halve knitted to the right length.

And lastly the fully completed Vilma. I think it turned out pretty ok.

Lots more knitting to do back to the needles.

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DivaKnitter said...

Oh my gosh! I was about to comment on the more recent post of your gorgeous cat and then I saw your CORGI!! I love corgis I just can't seem to convince my husband I NEED one with three autistic boys 4 and under :) I really need a cat and a corgi but one step at a time :) The dishcloth is really pretty I'll have to kick that one out in a bit. Did I mention I found you through the monthly dishcloth group? It's a great group, very connecting, and everyone is sooo nice :)