Monday, February 05, 2007

Me? First round draft!!!???

I am a test knitting in a group for a new book that is being written. We were given an assignment to knit a square, the pattern was given, instructions given for the needle sizes yarn type and list of colors to be used. We were given a date that our squares were due. I knitted and submitted three squares. I just checked the groups photo page and found that one of my squares has made it to the first round draft, it's not set in stone, but I'm excited to even have it considered. I'm speechless. I've been knitting a little over a year and the possibility of having one of my pieces in a book....
I have completed the front of Tim's sweater and it is now off the needles and blocking. The back already finished and blocked. I need to get a couple more skeins of yarn for the sleeves, because I had to double the yarn to get gauge I have run short on the yarn. I know it won't be the same dye lot, but I am hoping that it won't be too noticeable because it's being used on the sleeves. I have enough of the first yarn to do the placket and collar. I am hoping that it won't be too much of a difference.
It's supposed to be a high in the mid 60's today, that means I can go out and trim the roses, it should have been done last month but it was so cold that I didn't want to do it. The repair man is going to come out and take a look at the dryer it's still under warranty so we only have to pay for him coming out. Hopefully he'll come and fix it and I can start laundry if it isn't fixed I have to go to a laundry mat or as they are called here in Texas a washateria, and do laundry there.
Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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