Friday, November 03, 2006

Friday Insanity must be setting in

For some reason this picture uploaded first onto the page even though I uploaded it last onto the page. I am going to start working on this scarf I have some red alpaca woo that I got off eBay when I found this pattern I knew it had be made out of the red alpaca wool. I know I am insane for working on two lace projects at the same time.
This is the progress I made on Frog's compression bandage, based on prior measurements it should fit his 27 inch calf. I hope.

And this is the progress on the Bella for yesterday. still allot more to go.
I am still looking for the Holz and Stein rosewood circular knitting needles. If I only knew how to speak and write German I might be able to order them from Germany. These needles are the Mercedes Benz of knitting needles. I only have one pair but I love them. I have put them on my wish list who knows maybe Santa will get them for me.

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