Monday, November 06, 2006

Monday a fun day

The long awaited update photo of the Jarwall socks. I have started the heel flap. As I said this is a new pattern I am trying out. The pattern I have from the class I took .... well for me at least the socks don't fit, too baggie in the ankle so I am trying a new pattern. I can't wait to try them on. I am considering getting a pair of either clear clogs or clear boots so I can show off my socks... maybe I'll just put it on my wish list along with the rosewood needles.
272 Stitches!!!! so close but so far.... need 311 slowly getting there. Still doing it like I said, work one hour on bella and one hour of the project of the day. Speaking of project of the day.....

Sunday's project of the day a patter by Berrocco yarns named Vilma. I liked it because even though it's a loose fit, it still is slinkie. The pattern looks to be very easy it's knit in two pieces. You start at the left sleeve cuff and work your way across the back of the sweater to the right sleeve cuff. We will see

This is the "yarn" I am using it is also by Berrocco it's a ribbon yarn called Yoga.. the color name is Om. It's very different knitting with this.... have to keep the ribbon wrapped tightly.

The color patterns look pretty interesting. Definitely a tank top will have to be worn under this. The knit is very open.

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