Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Progress for Monday

With each stitch I get closer. I am now at 301 stitches I need 311. I think there is an end in sight. I hope that I can start working on the lace border today.
My other project for today is this shrug the pattern was purchased from the Yarn Market it is called the Rainbow shrug. This shrug is made out of Recycled Sari Silk. I got some last year on eBay and have been looking for the "right pattern". (Yes I am clearing out my stash)

This is what sari silk looks like. About Recycled Sari Yarns: Recycled Silk yarn is undoubtedly the most unique yarn you will ever encounter. Silk sari comes from India's weaving mills are hand spun by women's cooperatives and cottage industries into gleaming silk skeins. Many of these women are refugees or have been abandoned or widowed with families to support. Using their traditional skills they are able to create vibrant, textured yarn in a endless array of colorways. Each Recycled Silk skein is hand spun creating natural inconsistencies and a rather scrappy nature; to make any project, no matter how simple in design, instantly charming and unique.
This is a very quick knit, I just started this yesterday and have the left side almost finished. I am using size 13 needles. The colors are outstanding. You can definitely tell where one skein ended and I started a new one.
Today, as I said I hope to get to start the lace on the Bella. My other project today is a Fiber Art's ruffled shawl.
Have a great day everyone.

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