Monday, November 20, 2006

Sumation of last week

Well last week started quite well with me excited about an interview with a head hunter. I have been in contact with her over the last week and still nothing about an interview with potential employer. I sent out my resume to a few more head hunters and responded to a job posting today. It's hard to stay positive. Now as far as a temp job. I did talk to the owner of the yarn shop I used to frequent. Instead of just simply saying I don't have any openings currently she insulted me in front of a customer and another employee. She had concerns because whenever I come to the shop all I do is sit and knit and that I am very quiet. Well ... gee... did it ever occur to her that I come to the shop just to knit????? And as far as being quiet, how can anyone get a word in edge wise with her monopolizing the conversation. I told her those are not issues and not a problem. My concern was going to be if she was going to give me the few hours off to go interview that I would need. Oh no that's unacceptable. Well then I said there is no further reason to discuss this. She tried to continue the conversation and I said once again there is no reason to further discuss this. When later that evening she was told about my cast on of 1095 in one setting in one try, she said that's nothing what about my 400 cast on of this sweater. I had to do it several times.... I am done with her and with the shop. They will not get any more of my business. The woman insults customers, employees, bashes customers and employees. Hell I am sure she will have plenty to say about me, but I don't care, I won't be there. As she says karma. I don't have to do anything or say anything what is to be hers will be hers.
As far as knitting. Yes part of the Bella is done, but, I can't get the lace edging right there is always a mistake and I have ripped it out 4 or 5 times already. The first 3 rows are fine but as soon as I go into the pattern.... Mistake!!! On the other hand the lace scarf I am knitting is fine, I don't understand how one lace project can be fine and the other a mistake. I will keep working on the lace edging for the Bella. I did finish the one wash cloth with cables. I am going to keep working on the rest of my projects along with working on the Bella.
My next question where the feck do I find all the yarn swaps, sock swaps, scarf swaps? I have only found one so far. If anyone knows please tell me.
Oh shoot I almost forgot... Saturday it came!!!! The book I have been waititng for... a book by Jennifer Stafford...... drum rollll please....Domiknitrix: Whip Your Knitting into Shape Book discription from
"Whip Your Knitting into Shape
do·mi·kni·trix \"dä-mi-'ni-triks \ n, pl -trices [US, var. of dominatrix, re: knitting] (2005): a woman who dominates her knitting; broadly: a badass knitter
You have knitted your last bad piece. Let the DomiKNITrix show you the ropes. Yes, it may be painful to take the time to knit a gauge swatch, count stitches and fix mistakes. But just think of the pleasure you'll get when you knit a gorgeous, perfect sweater with no holes and no uneven stitches.
Learn the rules or else. Inside you'll find a no-nonsense, comprehensive guide to essential knitting operations and finishing techniques, including step-by-step instructions for all the basic stitches used in the patterns in the book.
Get your hands dirty. The book features over 20 spicy projects to satisfy any knitting appetite. For a Knitting Quickie, choose from one of the smaller projects, such as the Mohawk hat or the popular Snow Devil cap. If you want more of a challenge, try the L'il Red Riding Hoodie or the Big Bad Wolf icon sweater, The Slink or City Coat.
Want to be a whip-smart knitter? Let the DomiKNITrix show you how it's done"
It's a great book with step-by-step instrucitons. easy to follow. I recommend it.


The Durhams said...

You are one badass knitter!!!!!

The Knitstress said...

And proud to be one

Knitting Skwerl Gurl said...

I kind of got that treatment when I was in her employment for one day. After that one day she said that she didn't really need me anymore and that I needed the time to find another job. It's just as well.