Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I did it! I finally did it!!! I have the 311 stitches, and I have started working on small lace edging!!!! This part is not so bad yet. Still may be too early to tell. Small victory!!!
This is my other project to work on yesterday. It is from Fiber Trends and it is called ruffles and ridges.

I am making it out of Positano Ornaghi filati, the color is called Mardi Gras.

Now granted this does not look like much, however the instructions said, cast on 1095 stitches. Yes you read that right 1095. I started out using a #9 needle that is 40 inches wide, I got about 150 stitches and knew it would never hold the 1095. I was at Tuesday night knitting at Yarn Heaven, when one of the employees (who also got me to switch from straight needles to circular needles) brought me #9 needle that is 60 inches wide and on top of it, it was an Addi Turbo. YIKES!!! I have never used metal, the Addi's have a reputation of being quick but also it is very easy for the yarn to slip right off and you loose stitches. Within a quarter of the first row, I was in love I am switching over to Addi's, sorry bamboo, rosewood and ebony.... I love the way the yarn glides on these, no tugging or getting caught on the cable. L said that 1095 is the most stitches anyone has ever cast on at one time at Yarn Heaven for one project. She said she will tell T to put me in the news letter. .... If that happens, I will post it.
As for today 11-8-06, I will keep on working on the bella, and pick up my cardi wrap.
I talked to mom last night. Things are not too good with her heart she says. She says it's either pounding like a hammer, or so faint that you can barely feel it let alone hear it and then there are times when it stops altogether. To me these are just all more signs of the advancement of her health problems.

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Angele said...

You go girl! I can't fathom casting on that many stitches -- I just don't think I have the patience for it! Now you see why I love my Addi Turbos and don't care for the higher priced Holtz & Stein needles (I know you thought I was crazy!!) Can't wait to see some of your projects soon! You are quite inspiring.