Tuesday, December 05, 2006

End of November begining of December.

Wow... December already. Thanks goodness. This has been a difficult year. I will be happy to say good bye to it and start 2007 It will be better. As far as knitting well lets see the Vilma sweater is coming right along, the back is almost finished, I just have to knit the sleeve, then it will be half done, I have to knit the front identical to the back.

The Ruffles shawl... well the ruffle part is done. I think I am now at 250 stitches compared to the 1095 I started out with. It's an easy pattern to follow.

Mom's shawl, also about half done, there will be a pocket on each side, just big enough for a Kleenex and her rosary. It will keep her warm it's 100% wool and it's washable.

Now the socks.... I am about an inch and a half away before I start decreasing for my toes. And guess what... another surprise... I broke yet another Brittney needle while knitting these. Supposedly there is a life time guarantee on these needles... who's life time I guess Brittney only knows. I decided to try out the double pointed nickle plated double points from Knit Picks. Very reasonable in price, I like the way they feel .... I guess I will know how they feel with yarn on them as soon as I finish the Jarw0ll socks... The next pair of socks I am going to make are for T. He's been waiting so patiently. I just didn't want to knit a pair of socks until they fit me right. Now that I know where the errors are I can knit socks in confidence.

Faina's scarf... coming along slowly. I don't have even a quarter of it done. I am glad it's not for anyone for this year's Christmas. It will have to be for next year.

And finally the dog "fur coat" for Nancy's dog. Hey don't blame me for the color... she said she wanted pink welll.... she's getting pink.

After searching for the right yarn for H's sweater I finally found it. It's Andean Silk 55% Super Fine Alpaca, 23% Silk, 22% Merino Wool. Now H, I know your reading and you said no to wool... this has only 22% wool. Fine Alpaca is not sheep's wool, in my opinion it's much softer, lighter and warmer then sheep's wool. It's also got silk in it. It too is very affordable on Knit Picks. The color is Sangria. I should be able to order the yarn within the next week or so. I'll probably start on it some time after the holidays. Also the pattern says the sweater is cropped... not to worry I can make it longer because I know you prefer it longer.

D not Cousin D but D saw my completed sari silk shrug and told me that I better be careful because it would disappear. Yes I am going to make her one. And R said she loved it also. And would love to have one out of it. Hey, maybe I should make these and sell them. I am making progress on the Bella I have to knit 5 repeats of the pattern... 32 rows, 61 stitches each row. Well I have managed to knit 2 of them, need 3 more before I can start attaching it to the poncho itself. Yes I am making mistakes in it but you know what, you really can't tell. I will post a photo of it shortly.I just forgot to take a picture of it tonight.
I have joined a swap. It's a coffee and yarn swap. I have been contacted by my secret pal, the only clue I have is that the email address is a hotmail UK account. I have found out the person I am supposed to send to has a blog and have read it, I have several great ideas for her package, all I need to do is to get the coffee for her, then I can send it off.
I did get one rejection letter from all the resumes I sent out last week. That's ok I keep pushing on. This week I have to start making shortbread to sell... hummm maybe I should send my secret pal some home made short bread.
Stay warm everyone.

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