Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Monday night we watched a lovely movie titled Evelyn. Netflix summery of it is "sometimes heroism finds it's ambassador in the simplest struggles: a father's fight to raise his children. Based on real-life events, Evelyn follows the story of Desmond Doyle (Pierce Brosnan), whose wife has left him and whose three kids -- Evelyn, Maurice and Dermot -- are taken away from him and placed in orphanages. Although Desmond vows to reunite his family, he faces the formidable Irish Supreme Court as his foe." I loved it. I could label this as a Christmas movie because the wife leaves him on Christmas and it ends on Christmas. But I do wonder if that really was Pierce Brosnan singing in the pubs. I guess I will have to look for the sound track to see if it really was him.

Update on the Bella shawl... well the lace part that I had to knit with the pattern repeat is done, now all I have to do it attach it and knit the pattern a gazillion times to the front and the back of the upper part and it will be done, but don't think it will be done by New Years Eve, maybe by end of January?
In the mean time I am still working on the last present that has to get done before Christmas. I have finished the left sleeve and left side now working on right sleeve, close to done but not yet. Today I am going to bake Wreath cookies again another recipe from I don't know how I would survive without

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cher said...

Thank you so much for the package! I hope it was from you. There wasn't a name on the return address or in the box. I love the yarn! I'm using the pink for my daughter and the multicolored for me. Love the licorice and coffee too! Happy Holidays! Thanks again!!!