Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Years Eve 2006

Sighs.... It's good to see this year come to an end. Being laid off, having a monster kidney stone, almost loosing mom. I am happy to see it go. I did get to meet new people that have become very dear to me this year. I got to know my niece a little better and feel closer to her than I have in a while. The dreams about Daddy still concern me. We shall see what will happen. I am still waiting to hear about the job I interviewed for, I was told the longer I don't hear from them the better. They don't make offers until after they have received back ground checks. So I sit. I wait and I knit. I no longer make resolutions. Resolutions sound so final. I have goals that I establish. There are two right now that I can think of other than working. One is to loose 11 more pounds so that I can get down to the weight I was when I got married and maintain it. The other is to knit a cabled sweater. I think those are reasonable.
I frogged the Fiber trends ruffles and ridges shawl, it was totally off center. Could I live with it??? Nope. So into the frog pond it went. I'll cast on those 1095 stitches again in 2007. I will also post pictures probably on Monday of the other items I have finished. I start my first KAL on January 1st. I have one more sweater (with long sleeves) to cast on before I start knitting short sleeves and sleeveless for me. It will be that time of year again soon. If I don't get the cardigan done to wear for this Winter/Spring it will always be ready for next winter.


Angele said...

Perhaps it was the negative vibrations you were receiving that made your shawl go off kilter?

The Knitstress said...

laughs... maybe... I'll cast it back onto needles probably on Saturday.