Sunday, December 31, 2006

To Heck with New Years Eve. THE BOYS ARE PLAYING TONIGHT!!!

Sorry, but when your football team plays their rival at home field advantage you tend to forget about things. Yes that's right Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears The Packers (7-8) travel to Chicago to take on Lovie Smith's 13-2 Bears tonight at 7:00 PM.
This could be a very interesting game for me. You see my best friend Deanna was born and raised in Milwaukee WI, I have forgiven her many times for that she couldn't help it her parents didn't see that it would have been better for them if they lived in Chicago vs Milwaukee. I love Deanna very much but when it comes to our teams the only thing we agree on is it doesn't matter who the boys are playing as long as they beat the Vikings. I am going to Machenrys tonight to celebrate New Years Eve, to listen to Free Whiski to be with friends to bring in the New Year. Deanna and I will be watching out teams play against each other while our husbands watch us so that we don't get too excited. This could be the last game for Bret Farve, I know it will be emotional for Deanna. I just wonder how she is going to keep entertaining from the stage while watching the game. She may not have to watch the game she may just have to watch my reactions. D you know I love you... but GO BEARS!!!

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