Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Heidi you decide.

This is the first choice I picked for Heidi's sweater. Just as I was going to order the yarn. I stopped. Again for the third time I hesitated. Something is telling me it's not right for you. Maybe I just need your ok on one. This one is called Tribeca vintage sweater girl cropped sweater. The designer on this is Lily Chin.
Now we have the second choice. This one is called Shaped Ribbed Sweater. I was and still am going to make this one for myself. I know the designer. She's a lovely woman Leslie Wilson.
This one is a design that appears in the book Knitting Nature. It's called Turbulence U-neck Pullover. The designer is Norah Gaughan. I was a little weary of the pattern at first because it has a cable in it, but it is not that long of a cable and not very difficult. So if you choose this one, this will be my first cabled sweater.

Now if you don't like any of these patterns I can go back and keep searching.
A post script to today. I cracked Tim's bull whip 20 consecutive times. I am pretty impressed... yes I still popped my arm and hand, nothing bad. just a little red spot. I still have work on how to hold my hand, arm, where it's supposed to be during the 90 degree angle, and to tilt it out away from me that way it will not come back on me but to the side of me.


The Durhams said...

I love the first one! I could not have picked a more perfect pattern, color, etc. Tribeca Vintage is GREAT! I'd love it if you would make one for me. Hope you had a nice weekend.. Love, Heidi

The Knitstress said...

Great!!! I am looking at a cotten rayon blend, a wool silk blend and the original alpaca, wool, silk blend. The alpaca wool silk blend I have no control over the colors the one that I thought of using is called Sangria, it looks more of a burgandy than purple. The other two I can have them dyed to purple. I will have an update today to the blog.